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  • Terms and Conditions

    1.     Purchases of services or products by the Consumer (also referred to as "you" or "your") through, owned by Cambridge Researchers Ltd. or any authorised person associated with it (collectively referred to as "UniversityWork", “Cambridge Research”, “Cambridge Researchers Ltd.” and also referred to as "us", "we" or "our") are governed by this Terms of Sale Agreement (also referred to as "TSA").

    2.     This document (TSA) constitutes a legal contract between you, the Consumer and Cambridge Research Ltd, and its authorised associates. By placing an order and/or requesting a quotation, you accept the terms of this TSA.

    3.     The Cambridge Research Ltd. may change the terms and conditions of this TSA at any time without prior notice on the sole discretion of the management. However the terms and conditions published on at the time of purchase will govern the order in question.

    4.     You agree to these terms and conditions when you tick the box that says “I have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree” and by clicking on “Request Quotation”, “Order” or a similar button. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, please do not place an order. This TSA provides the full contract between You and Cambridge Research Ltd. and governs the relationship between the both parties. It is therefore imperative that you read this TSA carefully and in full before placing an order.

    5.     Cambridge Research Ltd. endeavours to provide you the best possible service and support in good faith. If you have any doubts or queries or are not sure about any aspect of our services, please contact Us via email ( or phone (01223 750 011). We shall do our best to verify or provide explanation to the best of our ability and will do everything within our means to resolve any issue raised by You to make your experience as a customer as pleasant as possible.

    6.     Cambridge Research shall only commence work on an order after receiving payment in full. This would normally be through a notification from PayPal (our authorised online billing provider) or from our Bank. However the management at its sole discretion reserves the right to reject, refuse or cancel the order at this stage and at any time before the delivery of the service and is not obliged to give any reason or notice beforehand. A full refund will however be made in all such cases.

    7.     The products/services of Cambridge Research Ltd. are delivered via email as an attachment, sent to the email address provided by you when requesting quotation or while placing the order. Cambridge Research Ltd. is nor responsible for any delays in transmission due to technical problems such as Internet service outages or email delivery delays from ours or your Internet Service Provider or Email Service Provider.

    8.     The services/products are provided by the Cambridge Research Ltd. on the understanding that you have basic knowledge of and familiarity with the computer systems and software. We can not provide any refund if you are not able to use the products or if any delay is caused due to your lack of basic knowledge on computer systems. We can however in some cases deliver the products by post where possible if requested. For vast majority of customers however, our services and products are very easy to receive and utilise.

    9.     Cambridge Research Ltd. retains the right, at the sole discretion of the management, to delay or cancel an order if it suspects an attempt to obtain products and/or services through fraudulent means, until the validity of the order can be verified.

    10.  No refunds can be issued after you have placed an order and the work has been started. This is because the company reserves the right to charge admin fee for all orders and is still obliged to pay the research experts even if the customer no longer requires the product. Also no refund can be issued after the product/service has been delivered to the customer. This is because due to the nature of the products/services, Cambridge Research Ltd.  can not be sure if any copies of the product have been made once it has been delivered to the customer.

    11.  Once you have placed the order, you cannot cancel it unless at least one of the guarantees provided by us is breached from our side. In the case of a breach of guarantee provided by us, a refund can only be issued if any such breach is reported to us within no more than ten (10) days of the delivery of the product. This is because after this time period the payment is made by the company to the writer(s)/expert(s) who completed the task and it may not be possible for the company to reverse this payment. The company therefore accepts no responsibility and is under no liability for a refund in such a situation. The onus of providing evidence of the breach of a guarantee to our satisfaction however is on you and all communication in this matter must be in writing.

    12.  Cambridge Researchers Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to sell or provide service/products to anyone without providing any explanation at our sole discretion. Also, due to the nature of the work, the company reserves the right to delay an order at its sole discretion. Typical circumstances that may lead to this include (but are not limited to) delay in receiving payment from the client, technical problems, unavailability of the writer or any other unforeseen situation. All deadlines should therefore be considered provisional and as a guide.

    13.  Cambridge Researchers Ltd. endeavours to collect only those pieces of information from the customers that are absolutely necessary. No unnecessary details are collected and stored on our systems including the transactions details which are handled by our reputed authorised billing providers. Whatever data however we collect is kept confidential and not shared by third parties.

    14.  We reserve the right to communicate with you via email to send relevant offers if consented by you at the Request Quotation or Order stage.

    15.  In this TSA, the term “credit card holder” refers to the person or entity named on the credit/debit card used for the purchase of products or services from Cambridge Research Ltd. by making the payment using a credit/debit card, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
    15.1. You guarantee that either you are yourself the card holder, or an authorised representative. If you are not the cardholder yourself, you must guarantee that the card holder has authorised you to make the purchase in advance and is fully aware that you are making this purchase using his/her credit/debit card.
    15.2. You must also notify Cambridge Researchers Ltd. if you are not the card holder yourself. We reserve the right to delay or cancel the delivery of product or service until we are sure that either you are yourself the card holder or are genuinely authorised by the cardholder to make the purchase. We may request to speak to the card holder and obtain his/her written permission for the purchase to be made.
    15.3. In case of any problem with the purchase, you will in all cases first contact Cambridge Research Ltd. to allow us resolve the issue.
    15.4. We shall consider any attempt to threaten a chargeback after an order has been placed as extortion which is a criminal offence. All suspected fraudulent use of credit cards will be thoroughly investigated and promptly reported to the police and other relevant authorities. We shall in all cases prosecute any such attempt and no tolerance will be shown to fraudulent behaviour.
    15.5. We shall verify each and every credit card purchase. The details you provide must match those of the card holder or we shall seek to contact and obtain written permission from the card holder.
    15.6. We shall in all cases never tolerate “chargeback abuse” or “friendly fraud” even if you are the cardholder. All such instances will be reported to the police and we shall dispute all illegal attempts to obtain chargeback using all the information we hold about the transaction.
    15.7. We reserve the right to cancel without refund any order with incorrect and fraudulent details. The order is accepted in good faith based on the trust that the information provided by you is true to the best of your knowledge.
    15.8. We shall only use the British Pounds as the currency for transactions. All foreign currencies/cards must be converted into British Pounds when deal with Cambridge Researchers Ltd.
    15.9. Due to the nature of products and services provided by Cambridge Researchers Ltd. and their delivery through electronic means or the provision of advice over the phone or face to face, no refunds can be granted. Also we are unable to accept any returns of the products/services as we can not be sure that its more copies have not been made and retained by the client. Even if Cambridge Researchers Ltd. is forced to provide a charge back on the credit/debit card, you will be liable to pay for the services via other means and failing to do so will result into your details being passed to the debt collection department and will incur additional charges of up to £500. By placing an order therefore, you agree that the purchase of the products and services from Cambridge Researchers Ltd. is a final purchase for which no refunds will be given or provided in any case.

    16.  You are solely responsible for all relevant taxes or duties that may be assessed by the authorities and Cambridge Research Ltd. accepts no responsibility in this regard.

    17.  Cambridge Researchers Ltd. keeps the copy rights of all the products/services delivered by the company. None of its products, either in part or full may be reproduced, copied, distributed, or presented without acknowledging the source and against the copy right laws. All instances where our products are used unlawfully through the breach of the copy rights laws will be fully prosecuted and reported to all relevant authorities. By placing the order, you agree to use our products in the same way in which you may use other copy righted material. You must never re-sell our products or attempt to obtain any other unauthorised benefits.    

    18.  We strongly recommend that you refer to your university regulations on using the copy righted material such as journal articles, books and research papers/reports such as those provided by us and conform to the university guidelines entirely. We take the infringement of copy right extremely seriously and will not tolerate any copying from the work provided by us without properly acknowledging it in accepted academic manner. Also we can not be held responsible for any unauthorised and illegal use of our paper by you by any entity or person. Once the required paper/report is submitted, the decision to use it in a particular way is completely yours.

    19.  The products by Cambridge Researchers Ltd. are provided on an “AS IS” basis. Due to the nature of the product we are unable to provide any warranties of any kind (including express or implied and those for merchantability and fitness for a purpose).

    20.  Also all products/services are subject to availability. The management reserves the right to cancel any order due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances at its sole discretion by providing a full refund to the customer at any stage of the order.

    21.  The academic standard suggested by the Cambridge Researchers Ltd. while delivering the ordered work is to indicate the quality of work as evaluated by the company and is not in any shape or form intended to guarantee any degree standard, grade or marks as assessed by your university. By placing an order you agree not to pass off in part or full any paper delivered to you by Cambridge Research Ltd. to any educational or other institution in UK or abroad as your own work.

    22.  The recommended use of our service is to consider it an academic and scholarly piece of work similar to what you may find published in academic journals, books, trade publications or organisational reports. You many only use it as one of the various sources you may need to complete your own research assignment or task. If we suspect misuse of our service at any stage of the order process we reserve the right to cancel the order.

    23.  By placing an order you agree that if you do quote from the paper provided to you by Cambridge Research Ltd, you will include a reference in the bibliography/references section and provide citation in the main text with page number.

    24.  By placing the order you agree that you will never hold Cambridge Research Ltd. responsible, rather hold it completely harmless, indemnify and defend it against any claims or allegations and any associated material costs arising from your use of the products supplied by the company.

    25.  You also agree to waive all liabilities related to the use of our products by you even if these are occasioned by our negligence.

    26.  You agree by placing this order not to join and be part of any lawsuit or litigation against Cambridge Research Ltd. related to the purchase and use of our products.

    27.  Cambridge Research Ltd. accepts no responsibility for the technical inaccuracies or typographical errors in the information displayed on our website.

    28.  Cambridge Research Ltd. will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred to you or anyone related to you as a result of products provided by us even if we were advised of the possibility of any such damages.

    29.  If any clause of this TSA is deemed unenforceable or in conflict with the laws and regulations of any government, it will not in any way affect the enforceability of any other clause and you will still be legally bound by all other clauses. 

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