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  • Research Services

    Contact Us if you NEED HELP in completing an assignment, Fill the Request Quotation Form with details of your ASSIGNMENT and Let Us explain how WE CAN HELP

    Research Consultancy is our core service that aims to enable you to answer your exact research question. Our Writing experts and consultants are specialists in Research methodologies and have spent many years completing reserach projects based on both primary and secondary data. We specialise in supervising both the quantitative and qualitative research in over 100 academic fields for both businesses and individuals. These range from (but are not limited to) the market research in Business studies to Bio-Chemistry. We have helped hundreds of students complete small research tasks based on secondary data (e.g. books, journal articles, media articles etc.) as well as large scale research projects involving primary data collection and analysis through techniques such as surveys, interviewing, archival research, discourse analysis, grounded theory among others.  We also advise on presenting the findings of the research in the form of a professional and well-crafted report and its referencing. We also provide guidance on corroborating and discussing the findings of your research in relation to similar studies carried out before. A large number of clients have benefited from our highly competitively priced Research Consultancy and Supervision Services. Please fill the Request Quotation Form to provide us your exact requirements and/or call us to find how our bespoke research services can help you.

    Blogs/Essays/Articles Reviews

    The opinions of our experts on various topics related to their subject areas and research interests are highly sought by the clients. Our researchers therefore provide a well-balanced and articulated opinion on any blog/essay or paper written by you. This is often based on their critical views and analysis of the current debated in their subject area. These opinions are expressed in well-writen reviews as requested by the clients and are normally used to improve the piece of work in question. Please call us to discuss how you can request one of our experts to provide opinion on a particular piece of work.

    Creative Writing

    Many of our experts regularly contribute to the fiction and non-fiction literature and have in the past published many works of literary arts. They can provide guidance and supervision to help you hone your creative writing skills. Please call us to discuss your exact requirements with regards to creative writing.

    We have a team of highly qualified experts, all specialists in their fields and carefully selected after a rigorous vetting process. Many of our experts are Rhodes, Gates, Marshall and Fullbright Scholars and either educated from or working for the top universities in UK including Cambridge, Oxford and LSE among others. Being located in Cambridge, allows us excellent access to world renowned scholars and academic resources. See here some of the research work completed by our experts.

    The ordering process is very simple. You can request for a quotation using our online form, by emailing us your requirements, or by phone. However, we do recommend using the online form because it captures all details that we need to provide a quotation.

    Having received the order, we guarantee the provision of service within the specified deadline and according to your exact specifications and requirements. Our services are completely legal and intended to help customers gain knowledge on their topic of interest.

    Disclaimer: We do not sell pre-written or specifically written essays for the purpose of submission to your institution. We do however help you achieve better grades by providing individual attention and discussing your individual needs through our network of expert essay and dissertation writing consultants. Please contact us to discuss in detail.