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    Please see below the introductions of some of our experts as examples of the professionals we employ as researchers, tutors and consultants. As evident from their profiles, our experts are chosen for their academic excellence and professional expertise. They are all well qualified and have experience spanning many years. These have all been selected after a careful and rigorous vetting process to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed you expectations.


    Christian Wood - PhD Candidate in International Education

    I am currently studying towards a PhD degree in International Education and have worked extensively in the developing countries with the Non-Governmental Organisations on a number of initiatives involving curriculum design, content delivery, teacher training and so on. I hold a BA (Hons.) degree in Education from a leading UK university. My research interests include pedagogical issues in education, using ICTs for effective content delivery and any other topic related to Education.

    Amy Duncan - Journalist/Analyst

    I am a professional writer and critic and have worked as a freelance journalist and political commentator/analyst for two years after graduating with an MPhil degree in Politics and International Relations from one of the top 5 universities in the UK. My final dissertation analysed the emergence of BRIC countries and its effect on the Global power balance. My research interests include Global Governance, comparative politics and international relations. I am adept at providing consultancy to students at both undergraduate and post graduate level. 

    Dr. Xiou Fang - PhD in Computer Science    

    I am an expert in Management Information Systems and hold a PhD degree in this field. I also completely my Masters in Advanced Software Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My doctoral work has been on Grid Computing and also on cluster computing. I am available for consultancy in any areas related to Software design, programming and other areas within computer science.   

    Mark Hudson MSc (Oxon) - Pharmacology & Life Sciences

    I am a graduate from Oxford University and hold an MSc in Pharmacology with distinction. I have been working as a medical writer in a private firm from a long time and hold good experience in writing essays, thesis and research proposals. My research areas include biology, medicine, pharmacy, health, fitness, nutrition and any life sciences related subjects. 

    Liliana Tai-Jones PhD (Oxon), MSc (Cantab), B.A (Pen) - Business Studies & Humanities

    I hold a PhD in Marketing and Strategy (Information Systems), a Masters degree in the Humanities and a B.A. (First Class Honours) from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania. My areas of expertise include international business, global marketing, information management, organisational studies, social marketing, business ethics, innovation and personnel development as well as literature, philosophy, cultural studies and media and communications. I am able to bring a multidisciplinary perspective to the work I undertake and take pride in presenting work that is up-to-date, analytical, professional and meticulously-argued.

    John Turner PhD (Candidate), MSc, BEng (Hons.) - Electrical Engineer

    I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng (Hons.)) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and MSc in Communications Engineering. I am currently concluding my PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with specialty in adaptive small satellites design for space applications. Furthermore, I have a couple of technical publications covering radio frequency & microwave and satellite communications engineering. I have worked as a consulting engineer, airport maintenance engineer, field engineering services procurement advisor and teacher. I am a member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Institution of Engineering and Technology. My interests span science, technology, engineering, Mathematics and IT.

    Glen Shaw PhD, M.Phil, MSc, MBA - Management Consultant & Accountant

    I am a professional researcher and writer having graduated from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. I hold an MBA and a PhD in Business Administration, an M.Phil in Management Information Systems and an M.Sc in Computing Science and more recently obtained a Diploma from the prestigious Cornell University in the USA in Executive Leadership. I have extensive international work experience as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Other professional qualifications include Chartered Fellowship of the British Computer Society (FBCS/CITP).

    Judy Thompson LLM, LLB (Hons.) - Solicitor

    I am qualified to practice in two jurisdictions i.e. as a Solicitor Advocate, Superior Courts of England & Wales. I am also a member of International Bar Association and Institute of Leadership and Management with qualification of level 2 Manger. Currently, I have submitted dissertation for the award of PhD in Intellectual Property law at University of Glasgow. Prior to that, I have completed Master of Commercial Laws from the University of Glasgow. I have more than ten years of experience working in the law firms and academia. My areas of interest include law, philosophy, social science, business and management.

    Peter Woodhouse MSc, BEng (Hons.) - Civil Engineer

    I am a Master's graduate from ITS, University of Leeds and I currently work for a UK based MNC as a transport planner. My profession demands me to work on local and overseas technical projects on various levels (which includes preparations of bidding documents and revenue reports). In addition to my regular work, I train professionals as well as young graduates on weekends on various locations (globally). I also have a Bachelor's degree in civil Engineering. I have been working part time as a free lance writer for the past two years in the field of Transport planning/engineering, civil Engineering, Geography, Environment engineering and Construction project management. I have also experiences of working as a part time research assistant and an Undergraduate tutor during my Post graduate education.

    Anna Williamson PhD (Candidate), MSc, B.A (Cantab) - Journalist 

    I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Administration at Oxford University. I am Cambridge graduate and hold BA Mass Communication and Journalism, as well as a Masters degree in PA. I have work experience of over five years in public sector. My subject areas include Public Administration, Communications and Media, , Journalism, Marketing, Case Study Research, Internet, Modern Technologies, Education, Social Sciences, Social Issues and Public Relations etc.

    Catherine Morgan BSc (Hons.) (Oxon) - Finance Manager

    I am Oxford Gradate and hold BSc Degree in Mathematics (with distinction). I currently work in one of the World’s top investment banks. In terms of my possible scope for writing papers, my interests focus on the following subjects: Derivative Pricing; Quantitative Methods; Asset Pricing; Corporate Finance; Real Options; Portfolio Management; Any finance-related numerical/ simulation/ computational work.

    James Stanford MSc, BSc (Hons.) - Software Engineer

    I am a graduate in Advanced Software Engineering from Kings College, University of London. My areas of expertise include: E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Strategy, Information Systems Designing, Development and Implementation, Software Engineering, Database Design and Implementation, Software Development Methodologies; Project Management; System Analysis;

    Adam Beckford MBA, BSc. (Hons.) - Business Management

    I am an experienced researcher and a graduate of Manchester Business School. I work as an IR Manager in one of UK's top firm. I am a part time academic writer and my areas of interests include International Management, IHRM etc. I am interested in International Business, International Relations, Cross-Cultural Management, International Tourism Management, International HRM, International Marketing

    Alex Broadhurst MSc, BSc. (Hons.) - HR Manager

    By Day, I am an HR Project Manager in one of UK’s top HR companies, I spend my evenings devoting my writing talents to help students. I hold a Bachelor degree in Political Science and History (first class), and a Master degree in Human Resources. My subject areas include Management, Philosophy, Political Science, Government, Public Administration, Methodology, International Relations, Globalisation, Business, Economics, Management, , Marketing, Company Analysis, Case Study, E-Commerce, IT Management, Communications and Media, , Public Relations, Advertising, Information Campaign, Communication Strategies.

    Angela Regan BSc. (Hons.) - Nurse

    I am a qualified nurse and in medical profession for last 18 years. I graduated from University of Edignburg in 1991. I have enjoyed a broad spectrum career as a nurse and love sharing my medical knowledge and experience with others. My areas of interests include coronary care, accident and emergency, primary care, and occupational health etc.

    Chris Beesley LLM, LLB - Law and Politics

    I completed my law degree 6 years ago from UMIT and since then I have been practising with one of UK's top law firm. I am part time academic writer. My moto is: Work Hard Party Harder. My areas of interest include Law (UK, EU, US, Australia and Canada) especially Business Law Islamic Jurisprudence and Politics.

    Katie Green MBA, BSc (Hons.) - Marketing Manager

    I am an experienced researcher with solid academic background. I completed my MBA from one of UK�'s top three business Schools. I work as a marketing manager in one of UK�fs large firm. My areas of academic expertise are Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Management, Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management and Operations Management.

    Kelly Bulger MSc, BSc (Hons.) - Software Developer

    I am a graduate in Advanced Software Engineering from Kings College, University of London. My areas of expertise include: E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Strategy, Information Systems Designing, Development and Implementation, Software Engineering, Database Design and Implementation, Software Development Methodologies; Project Management; System Analysis;

    James Kirkland BSc (Hons.) (Oxon) - Business Consultant

    I am Oxford Graduate and currently employed by one of the UK�'s top consultancy firm. I am part time academic writer. My area of interests include Marketing, Business Analysis, Human Resources Management, Operations Management; Business Strategy, Innovation, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation, Knowledge Management, Case Study Analysis etc.

    MARK DOHERTY MSc - Journalist

    I am freelance journalist and an academic writer for last ten years. I hold Master Degree in Journalism from Ivory league University. My academic interests lie in the areas of Journalism and Industry based research including Airline Industry, Financial Industry, Automobile Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Software Industry, Film Industry etc.

    Daniel Houldey MSc, BSc (Hons.) - Researcher

    Having the expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver quality writings in various fields including Health, Management, Law, Theology, & Marketing. I concentrate on thoroughly researching a particular area; utilizing credible information; developing my own outline of the topic; and also ensuring greater amount of originality in the work.

    Mark Jefferson MSc - Medicine and Health care

    I hold a Masters degree in Medicine and Health care, with academic and working knowledge of Management, Marketing & IT. I am research Writer/Editor for more than 10 years now. My subject areas includeHealth and Medicine, Nutrition, Sport, Healthcare, Aging, Alternative Medicine, Pharmacology, Nursing, as well as Relations, Business, Management, HR Management, Marketing, Investment, Company Analysis, Case Study, IT Management, Modern Technologies, Communications and Media, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Information Campaign.

    Helen Tunnicliffe MSc - Finance

    I have over 16 years experience in investment, mortgage banking and financial services industry and am currently works for Barclays Bank. I hold a Master Degree in Finance from one of Warwick University. My subject areas include Finance, Economics, Statistical Analysis, Ethics, Government, Globalisation, Business, Company Analysis, Case Studies etc.

    Jayne Webster MSc - Information Systems

    I hold a Master degree in Information Systems (with distinction) from University of Manchester. For last three years I work for one of UK�'s top Telecom company and am also a freelance academic writer. My subject interests include Information Systems Designing, Development and Implementation, Software Engineering, Database Design and Implementation, Software Development Methodologies; Project Management, System Analysis, E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Strategy, Disaster Management, and other Business related subjects.

    Julie Clarke MSc - Computer Science

    I hold a Master Degree in Computer Science. I currently work as a Web Technologist for one of the UK?fs top internet service provider. My academic interests lie in the subject areas of Computer Science and IT, Information Systems, Programming (Java, ASP, PHP, My SQL), Web Development, Data Base Design, Graphic Designing.

    Allen Lee PhD (Candidate), MSc (LSE) - Economist

    I am at the final stages of my PhD degree. I also hold a Master Degree in Economics from LSE. My academic background has exposed me to a variety of writing projects ranging from short essays to full-length economics research dissertations. My subject areas include Mathematics, Economics, Mathematics, Economics, Statistical Analysis Application Essay etc.

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