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  • FAQs

    How does it all work?

    Step 1 :
    You provide us your requirements using the “Request Quotation” tool at our web site (or by emailing or calling us). We find an appropriate expert for you and send you a quotation.
    Step 3 :
    You can then order the work by making a payment through Bank Transfer, PayPal (using our website), or by cheque or cash deposit.
    Step 4 :
    The service is delivered to you on or before the deadline.

    How do you ensure the delivery of research and consultancy at a particular academic standard ?

    All our experts have over five years experience of studying and teaching at the UK universities and are leading experts in their respective fields. All of them have worked as lecturers, researchers, teacher assistants or supervisors in the leading UK universities and have been involved in the assessment and grading of students at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. It is mainly through their expertise that we ensure provision of research and consultancy at the required academic standard. To further ensure the consistency and conformity with academic standards, the services provided by our experts are randomly selected to be reviewed by our experienced assessors who specialise in grading at the under graduate and post graduate levels.

    How do you ensure that your services are plagiarism free?

    We have zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. We use latest plagiarism detection software to scan all work in order to help you detect and remove plagiarism. All our experts are paid to provide 100% original service and we do make sure and provide guarantee that all our services will be completely plagiarism free. 

    How is the work delivered?

    In most cases, we use the electronic means for delivering the services unless otherwise requested.

    What if I am not completely happy with the work?

    We always put our clients first and customer satisfaction is at the core of our corporate strategy. Our services are provided strictly in accordance with the customers’ specifications, however if any amendments are still required, these can be requested free of charge within 7 days of receiving work.

    Are your services legal?

    Our services are completely legal. In fact many other research and consultancy firms exist, however most of these charge hefty fees that are unaffordable for most of the customers. We only attempt to fill this gap in the market by focusing on the low end of the market and providing affordable research services. Similarly hundreds of software development firms exist that provide exactly the same services that we do, however again we charge much less amount for the same quality and are thus affordable for the students.

    How do I pay for your services?

    We recommend the use of Bank Transfer to pay for our services. Cash Deposit at your local bank, checque and PayPal are also accepted.

    What about the confidentiality of my order?

    We are bound by the Data Protection Act to safeguard any information that we receive from you. We take confidentiality extremely seriously. Firstly we do not collect any unnecessary information from you (e.g. we will never ask you to provide us the name or location of the university/college you are enrolled at). Your name and email address will only be known to our customer services department and will NOT even be shared with the expert assigned to your order (except if specifically requested by you). Any services delivered to you will never be stored, re-sold or re-published and none of these data items will be shared with any third party.

    Where are you located?

    We are located in the heart of Cambridge; one of the greatest ever centres of research and excellence in the world.

    How are your services different?

    Being located in Cambridge allows us to access the world class academic resources including leading scholars, libraries, subscription to online journals, and cutting-edge technology. We provide a personalised service and take pride in maintaining strong communication with both the customers and the experts. Trust and honesty are the key ethos of our business. We have worked with most of the experts for many years and have a large proportion of returning customers as well as those recommended by others. There are many other features that make us unique and stand out among our competitors. Please read more on this in the “About Us” section.

    What are Your Aims and Objectives?

    We aim to make learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience for students by providing additional support and consultancy. The universities in the UK have scarce resources and often struggle to provide students adequate support in their individual assignments and tasks. We aim to help such students by giving individual attention and support during their study.

    Any other Questions?

    please contact us.

    What subject areas do you cover?

    Our services are available in over 100 academic fields.

    How do you ensure quality?

    All our experts have a PhD or Masters degrees from top UK universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

    Disclaimer: We do not sell pre-written or specifically written essays for the purpose of submission to your institution. We do however help you achieve better grades by providing individual attention and discussing your individual needs through our network of expert essay and dissertation writing consultants. Please contact us to discuss in detail.